Article :: Debugging with strace


Strace is a debugging tool that help us to troubleshoot issues. Strace monitors the system calls and signals of a specific program and it is helpful when we do not have the source code and would like to debug the execution of a program. The strace provides us the execution sequence of a binary from start to end including a very nice matrix that we’ll look at this article. Strace can show us all passed arguments with great filter capabilities.

Tracing an execution

-x write to an output file
-t shows the timestamp
-r shows the relative timestamp
$ strace Binary_File

Using filters

We can call the program with arguments and use the -e option to filter just what we want:

$ strace -e socket, send, recv nc 80

Attaching to a running process

$ strace -p PID

Show the program statistics

$ strace -c binary_file arguments